The Milk Float Thread


Pete will be chuffed to get a lift from you to bakeoffs & will undoubtedly enjoy stopping frequently for 30-60 minutes so that you can re-charge. Sounds a real winner. :+1:


Looks like I’ll be giving Adam a lift to the West Country Weekender.

It’s a roundtrip of about 500 miles, but as my (diesel) car has a range of 700 miles, we’ll probably starve.

Oh the irony! :laughing:


How much do the BMW’s i3s go for s/h ?


Off peak or standard rate?


Economy 7


Been hammering the salesman all day making them call me back again and again. Got it in a slightly different colour without the glued on chrome bits for £5 a month less.




Really needs to be double brown with the interior to match


It’s out of my hands. The current wife wanted a silver or white one so it’s in ‘Blade Silver’.

I have however been looking at seat covers for it…


“Real leather look” :joy:


You are Henry VIII,and i claim my IO ltd.


Get one of these to make it drive smoother


OK I think I have decided against a Leaf. The main issue is that it won’t work for me as an only car, so i need to keep the Mazda estate. However, that means I keep the expenses and inconvenience of an old car, and make no overall savings. Indeed, the £70/month battery charge would offset most financial benefits - that’s about what I spend on fuel apart from long journeys.

But the basic principle of having an electric car is, I think, OK for me, despite the fact that we have no drive. So when there is a larger one at a sensible office, I think I’ll make the jump.

Good luck with yours Jack :+1:


Move up north and have sweeping gravel drive for the same price as no drive in the south.


Indeed,and Luton is not that far.:thumbsup:


Yep, I could swap my house for this in Ruddington up your way:


You should see some of the crazy house prices you can get out here…


Yes it comes with heater leather seats front and rear plus a heated steering wheel but they are all in black so I’m thinking of adding covers. Hopefully on full power the heat will come through…


Yes but you’d have to live in France with French people and French people are cunts.


Ruddington is quite nice, too.