The Milk Float Thread

About 20 mins?

It’s not a particularly common thing to do though. When we drove back from Reading the other other day, we had to go from 7% to 30% to get home. I had to stop it charging before I’d ordered a KFC in the services to avoid paying more than I needed.


I stopped at the M1 Rugby one a while back. Car was on about 15%, went in to get coffee, which was slow service, by the time I got back with my coffee the car was over 80%. Must have been at the max (about 180kW) for most of the time.

I had to drive off rather sit and enjoy the coffee with a YouTube vid

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Does anybody else use the Electro universe app/payment card?

Love this shit

Got one, used it a couple of times when out and about. I think it will come into its own if you end up in Europe with Fastned chargers.

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Still haven’t used mine.

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I haven’t used the payment card yet, but I have used the route planning good.

If you register with FastNed you just drive up, plug in and it charges. No fuckery whatsoever.

Got a bit of plastic and put in in a drawer.

I just used my card for the first time at Morrison’s, Swindon so got my £10 credit :grinning: I only used it because it couldn’t read my Chase card.

I was using a Prius plug-in which has about 30-36 miles of EV range winter-summer, plus about 500 miles on a full tank. It gives around 60 to 65 mpg as a hybrid only but has averaged 150 mpg over its 5 years due to mainly being an EV for all or the bulk of local journeys.

It doesn’t have sportscar grip or performance but rides well and has a good chassis balance with wishbone suspension all round iirc.

Buying an EV was not for expense reasons for me.

It is a toy that gets FAR less use than my stereo. Daft really.

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The most expensive single message I have ever received.




What that thing did to my eyeballs was quite unpleasant. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Trying to work out how your payments are £262

They are not. I think that was on the base model and 10k down. (And pcp)

Long range or performance?



So @Jim will have to get the Taycan turbo to beat you on 0-60? Expensive message for you, twice as much for him :sunglasses:

I’ve turned my car to chill mode.
Performance scares me. It’s fun to put on now and again but for normal driving it’s too much.
Nice to have in the back pocket, though!

Quite a few around, it seems.