The Milk Float Thread

You MUST always include the term “aesthetic” in terms of design influence.

And “design language”.

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My Tesla came back today. Lump in the finish on the repair. Gone back for the third time. Furious doesn’t do it justice.

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It is essentially the new Renault 5 with a few changes to the look. Do like the new 5 too.


Much as I’d like a 5.0 ‘stang Ford can fuck off. I’ve had a few in the past and they’ve all been a bit shit one XR2 needed a screwdriver down the Venturi to start it in the morning. Said start being accompanied by much cranking and a huge gout of flame out of the carb thanks to over fuelling. Eventually traced to a bit of air filter in the carbs guts. Oem ftmfw NOT.
The kuga, puma and capri are all shite. The wife’s lumpen high and dry Tucson PHEV 1.6 does 0-60 in a mildly spritely 8.0 seconds. The equivalent Kuga with a 2.5 engine takes over 9 wtf?
No. Fuck Ford, fuck shitroen, fuck Pughoe. I’ve not owned a poxhaull but fuck them too for their holey headrests in the 80’s.
Fuck em all.

None of this refers to EVs. Well done for complete irrelevance.
Both you and the post.


Hamster club opens under Berlin gigafactory.

It comes after Musk raised the prospect of building a “mega-rave cave” under the factory “with an epic sound system and bass speakers as big as a car” on Twitter in 2020. The poll on his post showed more than 90 per cent of 770,000 voters liked the idea at the time.

Test drove the new M3P today. Pretty good step up from the old car.


Given the nature of this place you’re lucky it contained car content. Never mind EV.
Still, any day I annoy a pedant is a good day.

That picture… no the other one… is it quite parallel to the floor? I’m not sure it is.