The Milk Float Thread


My deepest sympathies.


I’ll keep a weather eye open for a brown Leaf driving erratically.




It’s very spacious. The seats have the amazing facility to slide backwards away from the dashboard.


Why’s it got a regular car battery there, surely that’s not required over and above the main battery pack??


The main battery powers the motor and the heating and climate control. The normal battery is for everything else.


That is the main battery pack, what Jack failed to read in the small print was the revised range of 600 metres per charge.


Haha, yes that’s the real reason!


Why is it amazing - it doesn’t have a proper engine so the bulkhead can be about a metre further forward :+1:


You wouldn’t get that on a Volvo…


You could have probably got a 95 plate mk2 Astra with 3 months mot for the same amount.


Yeah, right. I suppose that’s the same dealer that was advertising Faberge eggs for £15 a dozen?


You might well be able to Stu. But the average driver can’t handle the power of the Mk2 Astra. It would be like giving a flying student a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird for his first lesson. Not recommended.


Tesla Model3 going into production v soon.


Could well shake the big boys up a bit.


Reading Elon Musk’s biography ATM, very interesting.


Apparently Volvo are going to produce loads of milk floats soon.

Better have brown interiors too…


Electric AND brown ? This may cause me to rethink my lack of belief in Sky Faeries :heart_eyes:


Don’t forget the spacious interior…:worried: