The Milk Float Thread


They will be priced out before too long. The rate of change away from fossil fuels is accelerating, I don’t know where the tipping point is but i think that before i die petrol cars will be a minority sport.


Hydrogen fuel cell cars are a boondoggle, the efficiency of generating electricity, using it to crack water into H and O, liquefying the hydrogen and distributing it makes it so, not to mention building the fueling infrastructure that currently doesn’t exist.
Yes an electric charging infrastructure also needs building but the backbone of a national grid already exists it just needs a charger plugging into it which is far easier than adding high pressure / low temperature hydrogen storage, etc to petrol stations.

As for ‘green’ energy, it’s cheaper and more efficient to ‘clean up’ a single point of generation - the power station than millions of smaller generation points - cars.

As for why they are subsidised and have lower tax? That’s capitalism, money is a big evolutionary driving force now thanks to our choice of society, people won;t do what’s good for them on their own, they’ll do what’s cheap for them and works hence the ev breaks.


I think that hydrogen is great but for one thing - it’s really quite explosive. Petrol isn’t. The idea of hydrogen tankers driving about scares me silly, it’s just plain stupid.


Petrol isn’t? You do know how engines work, no?


I think he means relative to hydrogen.


Hydrogen on its own doesn’t explode, it needs an oxidizer just like petrol and won’t ignite from a spark unless you have a near stoichiometric air fuel ratio.

Hydrogen, being a gas, will also disperse quickly in the event of an escape.

LPG has been around as a car fuel for ages, you don’t see them lined up in flames along the M25.

Hydrogen is a stupid idea as a vehicle fuel, but not particularly because of safety concerns.

Batteries are also fucking dangerous. There’s a lot of energy stored in them and it loves to get out, as Samsung know.


BOC have been shipping cylinders of hydrogen around for years. Admittedly not in the same quantities.


I agree with Julian. The production process is inefficient, there is no large-scale storage infrastructure in place and it’s not trivial to set up. Whereas electricity is ubiquitous and battery research is moving apace.

The Japanese might be keen on hydrogen fuel cells, but their recent form suggests they are backing another niche technology.


Sure, but it’s only when it vaporises and mixes with oxygen; hydrogen skips the first step.


Although I might be wrong about the relative safety, reading this:


My guess is eventually all new houses will be built with a solar roof. Currently cost prohibitive but no doubt we were saying that years ago about central heating, double glazing etc etc


I was just having a quick read up on this hydrogen mularkey. It would seem that some hydrogen fuel facilities make their own. Problem is with hydrogen is you kinda sorta need electricity to produce it for hydrogen fuel cells.


I don’t know why they didn’t develop this more ??


Back on topic, i found this lovely tobacco brown steering wheel cover that should go nice eight he seat covers.


Of course you will be sporting a pair of these too


string back is best


One minor down side, the fucking waiting! It’s the elephant in the room thst won’t go away. That and the fucking batteries. Apart from that it’s a great idea.


I just spent a bit of time working out that I should buy a Chevrolet Bolt, only to them find out that they aren’t coming to the UK. Sigh…


Am Dismal Do you really want a peugeot?

BobC, Yes they currently take either 7ish hours to recharge from a domestic chrager of 30 minutes from a ‘fast’ charger you get at service stations. That’ll get you 100 - 200 miles.
An overnight charge at home is ideal for most daily commuting and bimbling about so in the 2 years we had one we never had to delay a journey due to being out of charge (if we went more than 50 miles we took the other car).
Fast chargers at destinations (malls, ikea, NCP car parks etc.) will also reduce waiting times as will contactless charging and payment. Who cares if it takes 30 minutes to charge your car if you are eating lunch, buying furniture or at work.
Some weeks I’d use the leaf exclusively and when i had to use and fill up the ‘traditional’ car, having to go out of my way and stand in the cold to put fuel in the car seemed quite alien and irrational.


Collecting it on Saturday morning.