The Mince Pie Thread

The season is upon us, so a thread to find the best commercial pie.
My first of the year was one of these:

Which is pretty much what you would expect. Over sweet, generic and cheap as chips. Standard.
Anyone had a good-un yet?

Tried Morrisons and co op so far,both average. Will be onto lidls this week,just had a stunner at johns bake off,home made jobbie

Home made with his own mince?

Their finest ones with brandy are better :smirk:

Ms ICHM thinks the Marks & Spencer premium ones are the best, so I buy Sainsbury’s. :roll_eyes:

Think it was just homemade pastry. Other ones had chocolate and mincemeat in

Hey, don’t blame me! It was the missus wot bought them!

I dispise the posh ones

One of my abiding childhood memories is of a long session with my uncle Brian going through a range of mince pies, deciding which of port or brandy was the best addition. I think that our conclusion was a mix about 2/3 port and 1/3 brandy. Remove top, pour in fluid, replace top, eat.


Waitrose (Cheapo and ‘all butter’)

Cheapo = seeds still in the currents, hard rind. - Threw two in the bin rather than finish the box
All butter, Mince meat too rich - Threw one at a cat taking a dump in our garden - Even the cat didn’t eat it

Sainsburys, Cheapo type, Ate the lot not memorable

Co-op, The £1 box has been the choice for post nap tiffing

Aldi, Fake booze flavoring - Currents succulent but taste wrong

Tesco - claggy, but do able


As they have been every year (except 2016) Calnan Brothers’ are the Rolls Royce of all mince pies.

Post needs tasting notes.



A well proportioned pie - almost as deep as it is wide. Very short pastry - firm but flaky.
Well filled without too much air. Not overly sweet, good combination of fruit and peel without any “foreign” or “trendy” fruit, all liberally soaked on rum - warming but without alcohol harshness. Very moist but holds together well without getting a soggy bottom.
Slightly over dusted but I can live with that.


This was my only grumble too. Mrs VB popped down to the Calnans’ at the end of our street for a pork pie this morning and picked up a mince one too as they were already in. I had it with my mid-morning coffee. I think in future I’ll just brush the excess caster sugar off.


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Hard times. :joy:


The hard part was that she only bought one mince pie. One. What was she thinking ?



So that seems to be a vote for co-op then! Good news, as I have a co-op a couple of minutes walk from my door.

So how do us proles down in deepest Kent get yer actual middle class, over dusted pie? Seem a bit exclusive to me…

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Get Pete to bring you some down from leafy Hertfordshire…

Calnan’s not just in Oxfordshire then?