The Mince Pie Thread

Dunno, but they’ll definitely have over dusted pies in Herts.

I’ve never really got mince pies. Pastry is usually too dry and falls apart once bitten in to. The stuff in the middle is just stuff that gets stuck in my teeth. What am I missing?

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May I suggest a Clockwork Orange style re-education course?


I love mince pies, but I’ve largely given up on 'em, I’m far too fat of a cunt in any case, and shop bought ones are intensely disappointing experiences - bland, undercooked, faaaaar too much sugar everywhere - a sort pastey, sickly, unfinished symphony of oversweetened blandness that as Rick say clings to yer teeth.

On the other hand I’m far too lazy of a cunt to make my own…

Marks and Spencer: firmer, crunchier top- has sugar coating, no alcohol but not as sickly sweet as the Tesco, has a buttery taste. Ok, but I’m sure there are betterer. £2.70 for 4. Maybe they do a high end one but I couldn’t find it in the St Pancras branch today.

Just tried the Tesco one’s, ok but sweet and slightly weird after taste.

Need to try another 3 with a coffee in a minute.

6.5 out of 10

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Quite pricey that. I know we’re comparing supermarket ones but the local bakery ones are cheaper than that and I’ll bet much nicer. I took some to @edd9000’s bakeoff for those that remember


John should fuck off the gas work and go balls out into pie production. Those bastards from yesterday were copacetic.

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Quite happy with any pie comparison honestly, as long as it isn’t unobtanium fake news, middle England, over dusted shit that no one else can try👍

Cop a what?

What the fuck does that even mean? A Barry Manilow classic?


Maybe @Stepmotheratomicbomb can supply the recipe/mince/pastry used?

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Never mind that, what news from Greggs on the mince pie front?

Very nice they were too.

Will report back tomorrow

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Last year’s Lidl mincemeat soaked in brandy for a week
And then this pastry recipe , but (cunt alert) french butter…

My ma drops a wee bit of chocolate on top but this was not a mince pie…

Next time a different variation of choc


I’ve found that Caffe Nero does a nice vegan mince pie :grimacing:

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