The Mince Pie Thread

Obvious fix is Obvious! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

You beat me to it :grinning:

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Me finding the pie nice means nothing by the way!

Your inner vegan is sounding defensive…:smirk:

Well, it’s true that things will definitely taste different but I can’t really remember the difference now. Plus a lot of places offer a one size fits all type thing which ends up being gluten free as well, don’t think the Nero pie is but didn’t take much notice to be honest.

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All adequate pies are indistinguishable in blind testing.



Define adequate. :grinning:

There are about five different M&S ones - I know because I’ve been lifting the fucking boxes for weeks now. Obviously the St Pancras branch is only for you proles :grinning:

There is a quite a nice version in the M&S cafes :+1:t3:

I’m going to visit all the independent cafés in St Albans and have a flat white and a mince pie. Because I can.

Frankly it starts quite well with the Exquisite Peacock Emporium. The flat white looks too big, but it has the required velvety texture. And there’s more to enjoy. I’d prefer more bite, sure,but I’m happy enough to drink it all.

The mince pie is decent. The texture is great - it’s almost falling apart, with thin pastry well cooked. It’s not too sweet, but tbh it’s a bit lacking in flavour. Also the mince is lacking in chunky bits. It’s a good start to my venture.


“Go Live” on Facebook.



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Coffee with a K…



Cnobs !

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Today’s pie is from Leila’s shop in the East End. Very good! not too sweet, good bite to the pastry and you could really taste the fruit. No dusting on this one but it looked to have a little bit of an egg glaze. Best I have had so far.

No website!


I have high hopes for that. Looks great.

Being a pro chef,i have to say the pastry looks very good on that.


Pastry was ace.:+1:

That even looks the most Proper so far :+1:t3: