The new Peugeot 3008

Sacré Bleu! A French motor that I actually like. There’s a white one poncing around our small town and it looks uber smart, including a very nice looking interior. Looks like they have nabbed a few styling queues from the Evoque, but managed to avoid the heavy looks that that Evoque has from some angles.

Pricing looks decent too.

It will break down and parts will fall of it.

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A neighbour replaced her previous model 3008 with one. It’s a lovely drive, if a little un-involving. But it does look smart and is very practical.

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After my 406 SW I’d never own a Pewgot again. But as eye candy the 3008 is quite nice.

I don’t get these mock-roaders. 4x4 looks, but just a jacked-up wobbly FWD hatch underneath. Why? I drove one recently, a Fiat 500X. It was truly awful to drive, not well packaged, not fast and not economical. Made no sense to me, but then I’m not a school-run mum. :confused:

I’m not (wasn’t) a fan, but having lived with a 2wd XC60 for a couple of years, the high driving position is quite attractive and addictive, so I can see why they are popular.

The 500x looks bloody terrible. That and the jacked-up Mini are shocking.

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We have a 208, 3008, 5008 as our vehicles which have the College branding all over for when we have to go to different sites. The 3008 is OK, but the 5008 is a weird, weird vehicle to drive.

The 208 is probably OK but it isn’t big enough for what I want, so the only opinion I formed of it when in it last year was, it didn’t break in half during the journey.

Are these the new ones, Craig?

I had a 3008 (old one) on hire last year - terrible thing. Far preferred the Hyundai Santa Fe

Here is what I wrote at the time (September 2016) at a guess it was a 2015 model so things may have moved on:

Had booked a small 4x4 from Sixt , who had no 4x4’s at all, but gave me this beastly vehicle as an upgrade. What can I say, the engine was gutless, the auto box terrible. The controls were not well laid out, to reach the main control dial for the satnav you needed to lean forward out of the seat. Satnav was not intuitive to use and appeared to get us lost on a number of occasions. The audio system (radio ) sounded terrible.

Oh and the seats and driving position were the most uncomfortable I have ever had the misfortune to experience.

This car has no redeeming features (oh actually it had a nice reversing camera and the heads up display was a nice touch)… would I buy one? No, would I like to drive one again…No

No, we have 2016 cars here. I imagine we’ll end up with the newer models soon as they seem to be replaced every 2 years.

I annoyingly quite like the 3008. When I say annoyingly, it’s just because my Dad has always loathed working on anything French. Gaining your experience from fixing old broken examples doesn’t really pave the way for a balanced opinion, though.

I prefer my old mouldy Mondeo, but the 3008 isn’t dreadful to drive - the driving position makes sense, in the 5008 I felt awkwardly high and too far from everything when I had the seat adjusted so I was comfortable. I couldn’t quite work out what the problem was, but now when I think about it, it’s simple things like having to avert attention from the road if I wanted to see the cruise control stalk properly - that sort of thing doesn’t impress me and other manufacturers manage to make the stuff easy to glance at.

The new one in the original post is a good looking car, definitely.

Seen a couple around - the looks are OK after a raft of godawfulugly efforts by them, and the comfort of French vehicles IME is usually good. Owned a few Peggits a decade or so back, and they were no more trouble than anything else I’ve owned used/cheapish/highish miles. No point judging cars by the poverty-spec examples circulating courtesy of hire companies.

My wife drives a 3008 bought in a hurry after we moved back from Oz. It has been a fucking pain in the arse. Nothing major has gone wrong, but nothing seems to work properly and the car is incredibly poorly put together.

Never buying a French car again. We’ll probably go for a Panzer of some type next time, or an ovlov.

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Some of the recent offerings from France have been very appealing from a visual pov.
We had a couple of small Peugeots years back and ran them into the ground. Served us well.
Just recently replaced a Fabia with a Nissan X-Trail. (Petrol). Very happy so far, the raised seating definitely gives a different viewpoint. Couldn’t stretch to a Volvo sadly, but this is working for us so far-loads more room!
Did look at Peugeots and Renault equivs briefly but got a better deal on the trade in.

had all the toys - lectric everything, heated everything…but just terribly put together and implemented.

Poo-shot? Oh deary me no, no, no. What will the neighbours think?:scream::scream::scream:

Volvo are famous for there comfortable seats, how do you find them Mark?

I don’t drive it all the time as it’s my wife’s but the long journeys I have done in it have been good.

I do a lot of miles and long journeys in mine and it’s very comfortable. Wifey very fussy about seats and rates the Volvo as some of the best she’s sat in as driver or passenger.

Always loved my V40 for comfort, but Sam’s V90 is a huge step-up again - lovely car.

And it’s brown* with a brown interior :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

  • “pensioner beige” according to Sam’s mum, “luminous sand” according to Ovlov.
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