The Pasteis De Bellend

Of course, that makes sense. Very rarely visit these days, and certainly not in the summer despite being only a 20 min walk from home or 10 mins on the bus.

It was insanely busy :grimacing:

When I made some at home the recipe says to heat the sugar syrup with a cinnamon stick, vanilla and lemon peel but it didn’t really come through as a very noticeable flavour in the end.

Have seen a few recipes that say to sprinkle cinnamon over them after cooking so they may have done that.

nutmeg on custard tarts is :face_vomiting:

That’s what I meant :man_facepalming:

Don’t know why I mixed up the two

Haven’t had any yet apart from a fairly decent sample from motorway services last night. Encouraged to note that the ones I’ve seen today are pleasingly caramelized.

Did have a Francesinha though.

From the top we have egg, cheese, ham, bread, layer of ham & chorizo in cheese, bread, pork steak, bread sitting, surrounded by fries and bathed in a beer & tomato flavoured gravy/sauce. Oof, a hefty undertaking. Still recovering!

Another one.


So good it has it’s own theme tune

Late night nata


Dirty boy!

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Pastel de Nata shots comprising a Portuguese coffee liqueur, Advocaat on top then a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Surprisingly nice.


Knock the x8 back then ask for the manager and critique his house system, it is the AA way.


Perfection. Big & deep with lovely pastry & delicious custard with a tiny hint of cinnamon.

and a very nice milky coffee called gualo.


How many can you get in your suitcase? What happened with the review of the soggy sandwich was it any good? Your post was coy, which I found particularly tummy teasing.

And another from the same place. Delaminating nicely.

These are my new reference point.


The Pasteis and I - A Cunt’s Journey


I had a 5 year journey with Pastis - I was definitely a cunt and it didn’t have a happy ending
Paul Ricard has a lot to answer for!


Always a bottle of 51 in the house.

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These from Didcot Farmers’ Market this morning

The venison pie I’ve had before - dense and rich and it’s a proper pie, not a stew with a lid, so it can be sliced and the slices frozen if you don’t want to cook and eat the whole 1.2kg in one sitting.

This is the first time I’ve tried the pasteis. The first one was lovely. They come from these people - handmade in Swindon !




^ This ^