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In light of the fact we don’t appear to have a thread about what we’re reading at the moment - (apologies if I’ve overlooked one) I thought I’d start:

Given what has just happened across the pond I’ve decided to finally start Gore Vidal’s Narrative Of Empire series




IMO they’re good novels - historical fiction I think it’s called.

OK I’m a weirdo too


Some light reading.


I’ll save you the time of reading it

Agile = developers saying everything is fine and then at the very last minute finding it doesn’t work or even meet the basic requirements.


I read it when it came out - I wanted to see how it compares to my understanding and experience now. I’ve worked on successful agile projects of all sizes for the last 10 years. What you’re describing is waterfall not agile. We deliver working software in increments over the lifetime of the project with the most important features first and we learn from real customer feedback. Real agile projects, not corporate Agile (Scrum), offer stakeholders real visibility as the project progresses. It is not a silver bullet and is a total waste in environments where command and control are king because you will never get the communication, collaboration, trust and respect necessary to be agile.


It’s quite amazing how many people claim to practice agile, but really have no idea what it is and isn’t. It certainly isn’t some magic bullet and doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the hard stuff like good engineering.


If you get computer programming you’d also get music theory. It’s exactly the same sort of ruthlessly logical stuff pre-dated by a thousand years.

Reading this. Current understanding is getting there. :confounded:





Yawn indeed but worth it once you pass the exams and can add a few hundred quid to the daily rate. :smiley:


I won’t be using SAP
We are developing gen2 of a backing plugin, I coordinate the testing.


FTFY before anyone else did


Just started reading the “Vinyl Detective” by Andrew Cartmel.

A detective hunting down rare vinyl, who loves cats and has a mate called Stinky! Written by anyone recognisable?


I bought a Audio Synthesis pre amp from him many moons ago.


I just found in a free bookshop a couple of books by Jeff Noon, an author I’d completely forgotten about. I read a few chapters of Vurt while the kids were playing, it’s about as bonkers as I remember. The only recent author who has got close to Philip K Dick, I reckon.


I read Vurt years ago. It’s mad.




His name does ring a bell & I feel as if I had dealings with him at one point but can’t recall why. Perhaps he was a reviewer at one time?


I think he may have been involved with Dr Who and Torchwood