The Reading Room


he was


I got this today, and am already halfway through (no work done on the rack as a result…)

There’s some proper nerd level vinyl stuff in there! It’s a good read too, if slightly predictable so far.


Nothing to do with Italian scooters or The Who.


Was good that, will get the next one.


I’m reading “The Third Policeman”. Hypnotically bonkers. My brain hurts.


Fucking hell. Has anyone else read this?


Aye, all cyclist should be aware of the molecular theory. :slight_smile:

Coming soon to your local bookstore.


Yeah. Halfway through. Like you say, crazy shit.



This is worth a read, for all you Spacemen 3 aficionados!





Some light reading!


You’ve mastered Ruby in the mean time then? :wink:


I try and learn something significant like a new language every year. I find it makes me think about how I approach things in my day job.


Half way through this - a very good read indeed





Just downloaded this based on your one word review. :slight_smile:


Not the Erlang I know then, hated having to do Erlang calculations for PABX designs.


It’s the language developed by Ericsson to manage their telephone network switchboxes. It’s used to write highly concurrent, massively scalable systems.