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Wife picked up a hefty book of PKD short stories for me when she was at the library with the kids :+1: “Paycheck”


Just started this. Cheery reading, I expect :+1:


Slow Motion Ghosts.

I’m really pleased Jeff Noon has started to emerge from a period of quietness.
I wasn’t entirely convinced the last book was a return to full form, but we will see when this is released in a few months time.


@spacehopper read this?


I haven’t Neil - I’m overloaded with books to read at the mo’. Any good ?


Yeah, definitely worth a read. I’m the same- pinched a pile of Vonnegut books (some to re-read) last time I was at my parents and I had a pile already. I finished The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch at the weekend :+1: I’ve never actually read Man In The High Castle so I think that will be my next PKD.


The Man In The High Castle is a superb read once you’ve worked your way through the Vonnegutstuff I’ll loan you my Harlan Ellison stuff. Have you read any JG Ballards’ stuff ?


Yes, ages ago- there were a number of short story collections in my parents stash- but I couldn’t tell you what.


I do like the bleakness of Ballard’s writing.

Possibly my favourite is The Unlimited Dream Company.

I intend to read his short stories. They have recently been published in two very fat volumes.


Same here and I love his ability to create strangeness from the familiar. I’ll send you my copy of TUDC if you don’t have it as it’s my least favourite of his.

My two favourite short story collections are The Terminal Beach and Vermillion Sands was also very lucky to have picked up a signed copy of The Day Of Creation by pure luck :+1:


Thanks, I still have my copy of TUDC. Just ordered the two volumes of short stories too :+1:


I love Richard Laymon - shame he’s no longer with us…




Another one added to the growing pile…


Started this, after finishing




Just finished

Just started


These turned up from Amazon while we were out today.

Am a bit confused because I only ordered them late-ish last night whilst pissed, and I don’t have Prime. But hey, gift horses and all that.


In three weeks you’ll realize you didn’t notice that you did …