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Just finished Annihilation, Book 1 in this trilogy. Very good read. In fact, I only started it this morning :grinning:

Going to pick up the next two asap.


Found this in a charity shop the other day for 20p:

Read it in one go this morning. Didn’t realise how different from the film it is.


Very, but probably more relevant/predictive in some ways.


He’s a brilliant author - some of his books are tremendous and some are a total mind-fuck A Scanner Darkly is mental. :+1:



These three are superb





Cheers for that, I’ll seek them out.


I had a decent collection of classic Sci-Fi a few years ago and tried to find the best paperback editions as they have some superb artwork on the covers but had to sell most of it when I got divorced :rage:

However, I couldn’t bear to part with my Harlan Ellison short story collections so if you come across any of his stuff buy them - failing that I can lend you them I think you’d like him as well.


Those are the ones that started me on PKD. There’s another two volumes of short stories, too. I spent my uni days hunting down his novels (some were quite hard to find at the time). The best science fiction author bar none.


This is very, very weird.



It is. That, Valis, and A Scanner Darkly nearly made my head explode.


Cheers Coco - I meant to amend my post to include the other two volumes but got sidetracked.

This is also up there with his best imo



These three are fucking bonkers. I think he was losing touch with reality when he wrote them.


To be honest I don’t think my reason for reading Philip K Dick was the steadfastness of his grip on reality. In fact, come to think of it, it was probably the exact opposite.



He did like his acid :crazy_face:


You’re not the only one :scream_cat:




Oooh nice :+1:


Reading Ubik :+1: and ordered The Three Stigmata…


Enjoyed Ubik a lot :+1: Re-reading VALIS. Trying to locate my copy of Flow My Tears The Policeman Said



I’ve just discovered I have two copies of this so if anyone fancies a copy let me know and I’ll stick it in the post. :+1:

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