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This sounds interesting- can’t remember who was recommending Rovelli books


Read this yesterday while travelling :+1:


This arrived


About to start this



I bought the Schneider book after reading the article you posted on the Gerasimov doctrine btw :+1:


I’ll pass the Malcolm Nance on Neil when I finish it. I follow him on Twitter and he’s been a mine of information but his analysis of where the world stands regarding Putin and Trump is very sobering.


Me Neil; I’ll give that one try too


Just ordered this


Just started this…thanks to @coco for loaning it…


That is a great book. I have just read this while on holiday. Also very good.

Allegedly it is being made into a film next year.


Halfway through this. I understand it has been dramatised as “The Expanse”.


Just finished book 6 of that. One of the best in the series, I thought.


I’ve got the whole series of The Expanse books, in fact I got an email today saying that the release of book 8 has been delayed till next April.

I really love them, actually thinking of re-reading from the beginning.


How many books are there (so far?)

Edit: just seen Rob’s post


Going to wait and see how book one ends. It is certainly a page-turner: just one more chapter…




I am currently half way through the 2nd book. Quite enjoying it.

Initially the style was a bit of a shock after reading the 2 Hyperion books but now I have adjusted it’s an entertaining action movie of a book.


Finding it a bit hard to get into, tbh. Might leave it until later tonight.


That is one of my favourite PKD books. Stick with it!