The Reading Room


I reckon I’m just not in the mood for reading at the moment.

Will give it a go after a nice glass or two…


When you’ve worked out what’s going on in it can you let me know ? It’s my favourite of all of his, and that’s saying something.



If you can, your brain is wired wrong


Finished this today. Really wonderful book- fascinating and funny history of magic- highly recommended


Quite. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to be able to figure it out. It’s fucking mental.

Superb book.


That is the conclusion I reached. I love books like this that leave the reader with such questions.


Anyone who finds Ubik hard going, don’t read Valis!


Just finished “Substance - The New Order Story” by Peter Hook.

Excellent read. He doesn’t pull any punches.


Just started this




Loved all his books.


@spacehopper this just arrived (bought on your recommendation recently in this thread)


Probably going to order this:


Finally mustered the courage to finish the Denial of Death by Ernest Becker-having eked it out over a few months, the minute I finished it I wanted to start over and read it again.


Enjoy Neil - Fourth Mansions is quite a read :+1:


Enjoyed Book One, so…


Currently mid way through book 3 having quickly read them one after the other, very enjoyable space romp


My missus is placing an Amazon order later - reckon 3/4/5/6 might arrive tomorrow :slight_smile:


Check this cover for Fourth Mansions!

Really enjoying it- reminds me of The Third Policeman, can clearly see the influence on Neil Gaiman as well