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there is also a short talk on his book he gave for the Reg Lectures a few years ago…


To Kill a Mockingbird.

Seems alright so far.


Did it for GSCE. Scout annoyed me immensely.


Quite liked the audio book.


You’ll be disappointed. There was absolutely no advice regarding the killing of Mockingbirds as I recall. I took it back.


Ah, maybe I should have gotten ‘to find a mockingbird first’.

Where do they live?


The book doesn’t even tell you that. Feckin hopeless really.


Apologies for not putting this elegantly on page.

Still worth a few minutes read.

Managed to capture part of the briefness.

Haiti burns, someone scarpers, a match box
rattles by Downing St. A gossip magazine
rustles rubbish, an alarm blips, two lovers
grip, an orchestra plays a song of soiled
strings, a choir outcries, a fat lady sings.


First book I’ve read by this author - I like his style :+1:

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He’s good. I’ve read and enjoyed the following in addition to Cryptonomicon:

The Diamond Age
The Baroque Cycle (historical trilogy)

Just bought Seveneves too.



I used to love listening to the 12 to 12 Shipping Forecast most nights from when I was a kid until about 15 years ago, when a telly in the bedroom took over. It was like a lullaby, or a bedtime story. But by accident I clicked on it on the iPlayer a week or so ago and the love came back…

This is a nice little book that tells the history of it. It’s broken down into, and explains, the various areas (Viking, Forties, North Utsire, South Utsire etc, etc) and has some interesting snippets about each.

Perfect for toilet reading!


Ditto, but replaced it with Mark and Lards chart forecast from years ago…

“Cheeky Girls… Romanian strumpet, teeth:craggy, arse: bony”. Still makes me smirk all these years later. :slight_smile:


Just finished this:

A very silly, but enjoyable story about a landed gent whose sole passion/obsession is game shooting. He dies in what looks like a shooting accident and is subsequently reincarnated as a pheasant.

Meanwhile a police dog and a spaniel suspect foul play…


Not a bad read about possibly the greatest ever professional cyclist.


Who says there are no famous Belgians, eh?




2001: A Space Odyssey


Enjoying this


Metal Hammer, September issue.

This issue happens to be the 300th in the history of the magazine. I’ve not bought a copy in years. The Album reviews section is excellent, good read today.