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For those unfamiliar with Nairn, the word “modern” is a bit relative. The book was first published in 1964, although this edition only came out a few days ago.

Had this for ages and finally got round to reading it.

A fascinating, hugely talented and ultimately tragically short life could have been the basis for a great book. Unfortunately I found it to be poorly written and far too reliant on supposition and guesswork.


Gift from FoL

Trouble with Lichen


Although thematically unrelated, have you read this? -


John Wyndham is a hard act to follow, but Sam Youd beat him at his own game, and the result has dated better.


I recommend his Border Trilogy, seminal work set in the time between the ‘old West’ and ‘modern America’ - his command of dialogue is off the scale brilliant.


That’s on my TBR list (along with about 100 odd other books)

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Subtitled “pedestrianisation in the postwar English housing estate”.

Not exactly Lord of the Rings :laughing:

Down to the last couple of hundred pages. Been quite good so far.

Looking forward to delving into these two birthday beauties - the Jazz Covers book is full album cover size and weighs a ton. :heart_eyes:


This should keep me occupied for a bit.


Nearly finished this, very decent read.

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Rotherweird - Rotherweird Book I ebook by Andrew Caldecott


The author holds up Bretton, a “township” of Peterborough as about the best exemplar in the UK.

My English geography is rubbish so I had to look up both on a map, however I believe Bretton is not too far from @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion and maybe @edd9000.

Only once ventured near, and that to drop Sam off at an opthalmology unit tucked in amidst the decaying concrete gulches. Strong half-cocked-and-since-neglected Milton Keynes aura to the little I saw of the area. However good the original intentions it’s important to remember: Peterborough.

Never mind.

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This is IMO all too frequently the problem.

Intelligent and well-meaning people designed these places, and at the time they had a lot going for them, but you can’t just bung it up and then ignore it.

See also Robin Hood Gardens.

Hard to see why RHGs was ever scheduled for demolition…

Good Intentions < Designing Something That Looks Like A Regional KGB HQ

[To be fair, maintaining reinforced concrete is somewhere between financially inconceivable and impossible, too…]

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That at least settles what next on the list.

Before I spout any more dilettante nonsense I had better read this :smile: