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It’s a fat one


Forgot that I’m also currently reading this

The synopses of this bloke’s books all read like terrible, hackneyed fantasy fodder. In spite of this (or by design) they turn out to be completely compelling page-turners. Terrific, easy reads.

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Nothing wrong with any of that, if reading’s not fun, why bother? Coincidentally I’m reading its equivalent, but from a century or so ago. The intro in this edition is about 1/10th of the whole thing, and serves only to prove that everything needs an editor…

I have read most of the Kristoff books and enjoyed them but have shied away from this for ‘teen/vampire’ reasons. The genre is generally crap.
Good to see a recommendation

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Yeah, doesn’t seem to be a lot of Twiglet crossover here :smiley:

Just finished the third part in the epic Baroque Cycle trilogy


Not reading, but have read several times times and it popped up on my Twitter timeline.

You should read it too. I suspect that you would enjoy it.

Babel-17 ebook by Samuel R. Delany

Not totally convinced at the moment

If you are going by the cover art you won’t be. I enjoyed the milieu. Zero g wrestling space pilots transformed into beasts, astral navigators sexually tripled for the extra brain power, what’s not to like? Would also recommend SRD’s Dhalgren.

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Fancied a more positive outlook on the future…

Yeah, I know… deluded.

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I’m about halfway through, I’m not the biggest fan of sci-fi but like dipping my toe in, this was recommended by a booktuber who does classic sci-fi.

I see what you’re saying about the concepts, which I do like, but so far it seems to just be jumping from one set piece to another rather than there being a proper flow. I did like when they look for the third navigator that it had to be female and good looking. Also the concept that they need an ear, nose and eye as well.

Dhalgren is also on my wish list but Babel-17 was dropped to 99p on Kobo so i grabbed that one.

Delany seems quite an interesting author having read up on him and also his other works.

Babel-17 was I believe his first novel so we may want to cut him a little slack. He is a pioneer of a polymorphous sexuality in sf which must have left the hard edge rocket engineers clutching at their pearls. 99p is a powerful argument for the investigation of anything. Happily I am old enough for that to have been the price of proportion of my record accumulation.

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Donna got me this for my Birthday.

Looking forward to starting it, she knows me well!


Happy burrfdee Rob. Many happy returns! Have a really good 'un!!
:partying_face: :tumbler_glass: :beer:

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Happy Birthday, can’t believe you had to fit a plug on your special day.

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Necro of your post, Right to Roam are worth a follow and through their website you can find your local groups.


I roamed with some of my local group last January!



Great story