The Reading Room


Looks interesting that Paul, might give it a go.


Just finished this…


Really, really enjoyed it.


Fuck, you read that quick!




Just received this - tremendous fully illustrated edition by David Plunkert.

Absolute steal from Amazon

The artist who created the great New Yorker cover


Brian Aldiss- Helliconia


Momentarily read that as ‘illustrated edition by David Blunkett’


I meant to by this when it was released. Worth it for the artwork alone.


The Count of Monte Cristo.

Revenge doesn’t get any better than this.


A great read :+1:


I’m reading the Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu, which is great so far, really cool sci-fi




Ordered this. I need to stop buying books until I’ve got through my current pile. Still working my way through Helliconia, which is a fair-sized beast


Just finished the first of the Vinyl Detective series (Written in dead wax). Very good, though thought side 1 better than side 2.



Listening to her talk in April, I think.

Any questions you’d like asked? :grinning:


Join a library ya daftie :+1:

Another one for you since your in a reading mood



Bought that in Tate modern this afternoon.


I read that when I was about 12! It was in a Marks and Spencer anthology with 2001, I Robot & Day of The Triffids.

I can still remember the jingle that Reich used to block the espers from reading him! “Eight sir, seven sir, six sir…”!

It got lost somewhere, and I couldn’t find that particular edition online anywhere, but I did find an earlier edition that didn’t have The Demolished Man, but had A Time of Changes by Robert Silverberg, which is a seriously strange choice to include in a book that would probably be given to kids…


Spooky - I was given that exact same edition for my Christmas Rob :sunglasses:

It was the book that started me on the Sci-Fi path