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Riders of the Purple Wage has ripped @Agrail off blatantly??


Most definately :smiley:


Brandon Sanderson is one of the best Fantasy writers around right now.
Been waiting for this one for a while.


I bought my Kindle specifically for that book, the last one was such a fucking pain to manhandle!


Is that like a print version of prog?


Not really, there are no irrelevant chapters where one character just waffles on and repeats himself over and over again for about 100 pages.


Hate you both :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@spacehopper Dangerous Visions was great, thanks for the recommendation

Since finishing that I’ve read “The Revenant”, and Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman

Just ordered this:


Book 1 was absolutely great. The best thing I have read in quite a while.


Finished Babylons Ashes (book 6) the other day and immediately pre-ordered book 7, Persepolis Rising. Had to opt for the hardback because the paperback isn’t out till next October. It won’t match my paperbacks and my OCD will itch…


Persepolis Rising arrived at the same time as this:

So having a little break from The Expanse.


Cat person. Topical & somewhat controversial short story.


Well, I burned through that in a day.

A different proposition than The Martian, with it being a bit of a crime caper set on the Moon, but still enjoyable with enough believable science in it to make it interesting.

Next up:


Half way through but can definitely say The Attention Merchants is well worth a read


Lack of smartphone is costing me a fair whack in books, despite choosing s/h whenever possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Just ordered this. One for @Gyroscope perhaps



He appears to have a follow-up / cash-in as well

The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal with People Who Treat You Like Dirt


Entertaining enough, peppered with some interesting facts and anecdotes, but not great


Just finished this


…and started on this



Anybody read anything from this series?


I don’t read much fiction and hardly ever any sci-fi, but the story behind this seems to be drawing me in


Re-reading this