The return of shit joke thread (incorporating the humour toilet) and mainly reposts of reposts of reposts


Surely that can be all sorted after Brexit. No more fractures ftw


Quiet night in.






That would be over too quickly. A couple of hungry honey badgers would be more fun.


I’m not sure that hungry, when referring to Honey Badgers, is a requirement for them to tear you apart. They seem to enjoy that sort of thing without food being a motive.


It would make sure that they were even more incentivised.


I’m sure if they show the HB’s a couple of Swap Shop repeats, it would have the same effect.


He’s found the perfect way of making sure people vote for him in this though



If he’d offered to pay a visit to Dignitas, the bookmakers would have stopped taking bets.


He’s on £600’000 for the gig, I doubt he gives a shite. Odious cunt.

If they turned that programme into a celebrity version of the Hunger Games I think I would be tempted to watch.


“If I eat walnuts then my face swells up like a beach ball.”

“Is that an allergy?”

“No, it’s a simile.”









Haha @ZiggyMarley