The return of shit joke thread (incorporating the humour toilet) and mainly reposts of reposts of reposts


that is so cool


The shape of things to come.


Windsors: the Aphex Twin remix.





I’ve started investing in stocks.

So far I have several in each of beef, chicken and vegetable.

It’s going well.

One day I’ll be a bouillonaire.



There’ll be a time traveller joke on here in a few minutes


Bringing another fucking relic of the Jurassic no doubt. :unamused:


You’ll regret that remark an hour ago.


I heard that one next Thursday


The secret to being funny is in the timing. Even with a time machine this thread is fucked up beyond all repair. Anyoo speaking of historical finds:


It should be a banning offence to post that :nauseated_face:


I agree. Damage to a precious Zidane sticker is a horrifying thing :grin:.


Not really, he’s a nutter


My bereavement counsellor died last week. Luckily he was so good at his job that I didn’t give a shit.




This made me smile. I read the book to my eldest pretty much every night for a year. Nothing else would do…:exploding_head:


Returning to time travel