The shit that does merit its own thread


Should have bitten a quorn nose instead.

This guy seems to be building some very AA hifi:

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Is Matt supplying the 301’s?

There is a fair bit of his stuff on YouTube


Beep beep


Looks like Trump’s syrup supplier will be the first one getting royal warrant.


I miss Keith Flint.

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Quality conniption fit part one:

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Part two:

Which one of you cunts was it?:thinking:

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I’ve worked with engineers who were that angry, when some other part of a big job was holding up their part. And they were in the room with me, not down a phone.

I had a Project Manager who once spoke to me like that. He asked for a quiet word in one of the meeting rooms. No problem, said I. Off we went to the room. As soon as he closed the door he went in to complete meltdown mode. I just sat there taking it all until he finished and then calmly said to him “Are you finished?” and walked out of the room while he shouted at me “Where the fuck are you fucking going, etc…”
What he didn’t know was that in the meeting room next door there was a senior management meeting with one of our main contractors. They heard everything.
I went for a walk to calm down. When I came back he was in reception handing in his building pass and being escorted off the premises :grin:


hahahaha I used to install dealerboards and call recording for trading floors.

That is a very mild and polite conversation for a brokerage, most of them would have just called the client a cunt and to fuck off.

Brokers and traders are pretty much off their tits on coke most of the time, one of them tried to throw a colleague out of a window in #1 canada sq because his dealerboard screen smashed when he smacked it with a handset.




I’ve been raging about people complaining regarding the sham “referendums” when it’s referenda*.

Twitter had me thinking there was some Slavic plural that I hadn’t seen. Until I found the stray “ms” on the the next line.

* sorry, enforced Greek and extra Latin lessons from age 8 onwards. Great childhood :+1: Parents not pushy at all :+1:

Amo amas Amat and all that.

amamus, amatis, amant.

Thanks. Mate. :neutral_face: