The shit that does merit its own thread

They’d spell it Loopwall and Seatel. We’re safe :+1:

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A mental health trust that runs a unit where patients were mistreated is to face the highest level of intervention from NHS England, the body has said.

They went on to say that such is the seriousness that the current intervention state of “head in the sand” is being escalated straight to “kick the can down the road” bypassing “not my fault, it was the person there before me”


I’m with my dad, who is really ill. My aunt came round and was Jesus this and Jesus that, actually giving a full (and entirely unwelcome) “lesson” at one point.

After she had gone my sister said, “this Jesus is all very well, but he’s not going to clear the shit up, is he?”


Best wishes Adam in difficult circumstances.

Tough times. Best of luck with it all Adam.

Cheers guys. He’s just been moved from actual morphine to the synthetic stuff; I could probably have made my retirement considerably more financially comfortable with the amount of morphine we took to the chemist to be destroyed!


Best wishes Adam at this difficult difficult time. I hope you’re ok?

Who has immediately sussed that aunt and uncle are basically an infinite source of free pizza :face_with_monocle:


Has she found your booze cabinet yet?

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Could I Survive the ‘Quietest Place on Earth’?

Dunno, it’s behind a paywall :man_shrugging:

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Sorry. Thought the New York Times was free up to a certain number of articles

It is, I reached my limit

Does 12ft ladder not work Paul ?

12ft has been disabled for this site

Pity but worth a shot I suppose.

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