The shit that does merit its own thread

They are or were called Stryper. At least they stuck with that great metal tradition of taking things really literally.

They use SA80 restricted to semi-auto these days. When I were a lad we got SMLE .303, FN L1A1 7.62 SLR and Bren guns to play with. That was fun.

Especially when you get tracks which would have a warning for racial language (as a warning, this does as it is what the song is actually about, a year before the famous Chris Rock stand up routine).

It gets better from there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a very strong contender for the single album that literally nobody else on here would like. Christian prog thrash from 1993 involving time signature changes, serialism tone rows and a three part song at the end featuring a string quartet and an operatic soprano. All in lovely mid 90s Roadrunner shiny audio quality.

bows and exits stage left

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Sounds v similar to my experience in the school cadets

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Nephews go there. Don’t think they should be allowed anywhere near weapons tbh.

Ooh, that’s a good one. Reminds me of the fuckers going on about the 432Hz tuning as being holy, and 440Hz being demonic. Brilliant stuff.

That’ll be what, some 30 million yanks beleiving this shit as fact.

More power to those who carry on the long tradition of pissing then off,.

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Advertising a spa day out in Norn Iron. Amazingly, this is not a parody:

The service continues to be offered according to the Grauniad…


That is a new one on me, but then I very much avoid the American nutter end of stuff. Que?

I’m afraid I can never see the name Ballymoney without singing it along to (the Billy Idol rendition of) Mony Mony

(for the uninitiated the “money” is pronounced “mo-knee”, not money / cash)


Tl;dr: ancient polytheistic pagan people may have used a particular tuning (but actually probably didn’t given technological limits) so Christians should also? That is a serious stretch.


Eclipses would be fun :grinning:

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It would bugger up sundials

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Earth would be closer to Saturn than the outer edge of its E-ring. So every time we passed through that ring we’d be treated to dramatic meteor displays. The E-ring particles are very small (they’re blow-off from the geysers on the moon Enceladus), so presumably there’d be no chance of any of them reaching the earth’s surface and causing trouble. But a body as massive as Saturn must pull other stuff in and I guess that would raise the chances of those more troublesome things hitting us.

The Earth-Saturn system would have to be orbiting its common centre of mass much more quickly than the Earth-Moon system does if we weren’t to end up spiraling into one another. So whereas the Moon appears to orbit the Earth once a month, Saturn and we would have to orbit one another about once every four days (based on the fact that we’d be closer to Saturn than Rhea, but not as close as Dione).


It wouldn’t look like that, we’d be in line with the rings.

The tides would be quite a thing too. Hundreds of metres? More? I imagine the crust would be continually breaking up due to the gravity, so the tides might be magma or something, and the water all evaporated. Until the heat all escaped.

I reckon we’d be really fucked, and not enjoying the view at all.


Cool pic tho’. :ok_hand: