The shit that does merit its own thread

So people aren’t whipping their cocks out in the middle of the street in broad daylight. After dark it’s fine. Plus usage is mainly when the pubs come out.

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The article says he was working on it not using it.

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I had seen that but still assumed some kind of safety feature.

Sadly Evening Standard reporting the worker was killed.

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Well that’s a shitter…

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It’s a pisser…

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Hope the HSE takes the employer to book/ jail over this, death at work these days, no fucking excuse for it.


I guess it could be an issue with propping the pisseur whilst the engineer worked underneath it. Of the very few people who die in accidents in lifts the majority are engineers trapped underneath whilst working with bad propping up of the lift. If I was writing the RAMS I would not allow single man working [if that was happening] which should have prevented this.

From the age of around 10 to 16 I’d play table tennis for hours each day as a mate had a table who lived opposite.We both got to a decent level.
Place we used to go on holiday in the IoW had competitions for putting,tennis,table tennis etc. I got to the final which was held in the ballroom to play a 12 year old kid,I was 16. What I didn’t realise as he came on in his tracksuit,was that he was under 15 Sussex champion.He absolutely battered me,and was the first time I encountered real ball spin.

Moral of the story,don’t go to the Isle of Wight

Anyway,here’s some table tennis


Haha absolutely batshit crazy FOI requests from this guy.

Read it all, he goes properly mental after being ignored :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:



No mention of the buoyage and lights which designate the location of the wreck in accordance with the IALA rules :grinning:

I fear he was ‘properly mental’ before he was ignored - the ignoring just causes him to shout it in public. He’s probably in what my granny used to call the “more to be pitied than blamed” category. Not that that makes the lives of the poor folk who have to deal with his FoI requests any easier.

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Doesn’t bode well that the utterly mental and loopy “best bomby and blowy up thing disposal expert in the world” also knows how to build them.

Imagine he’s on quite a few watch lists :crazy_face: :bomb::crazy_face: :bomb::crazy_face: :bomb::crazy_face: :bomb::crazy_face: :bomb::crazy_face: :bomb:

Maybe their policy is to distract him fom doing anything dangerous by keeping him obsessed with pestering civil servants ?

Actually it seems he’s been crackers for years. This from 2008

I will have to find a means of contacting him anonymously and give him a tip off about the nefarious activities of the Coastguards and all the unexploded bombs in wrecks that they keep secret :grinning:

Lol, they really should tell him he is quite right, then deny having said so :slight_smile:

“This is the most shocking case ever brought, ever in the World’s History! OMG!”

hahaha Beaufort’s Dyke would be a good one for him to start on.

I like the bit where he wrote his own good Friday agreement

He wrote his on a Tuesday as he has to see the court appointed psychiatrist on Fridays.