The shit that does merit its own thread

It’s a total joke. These day glo coloured elf bars are about ten times the strength of my regular vape. The bright colours and fruity flavours are clearly aimed at children.


Never understood why they allowed them to be sold in all the funky colours. there should be a law that say they have to be in a single plain colour with no branding.


Over the past few days I’ve noticed a huge increase in ads for some new Nicorettes product offering small doses of nicotine to help vapers overcome their cravings for er nicotine.

Of course vaping at least prevents a smoker from filling their lungs with tar but I’m sure the original idea purported to be a pathway away from nicotine addiction with reducing strengths being the goal.

In that regard it seems to have failed much to the delight of the vaping industry which I presume (haven’t checked) is basically the big tobacco companies?

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Guy I worked with used to smoke 60 per day and tried everything to give up. In the end went with one of those posh vaping units. Started on the equiv nicotine for what he was smoking and slowly dropped the strength. In the end he was vaping zero nicotine just for the routine, about a year or two on zero he finally just stopped vaping and hasn’t smoked since.

Yes, pretty much, I think Phillip Morris is/was one of the biggest investors in vaping.

I started on 24mg and I’m now on 3mg
It’s taken 8 years so not exactly quick.

Pretty sure I’ve used it for 7 of those years out of habit rather than need.

Vaping is the methadone of the smoking world


Quiting smoking is all about the destination, how you get there is irrelevant.
I gave up using patches, I remember some smug cunt saying ‘patches? I just went cold turkey, if you have the will power it is easy’
As if he had done something superior.

If vaping gets people away from the really harmful affects of smoking and gradually weans them off their addiction to nicotine then it is to be applauded.

Using marketing to make a whole new generation addicts is deplorable.

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I haven’t smoked for over 20 years. I spent three months in Hong Kong on a secondment. I decided that the night I left HK would be the last night I ever smoked as we were expecting our first child (who turned 20 yesterday). If I were to touch a ciggie again I would be back on 20 a day immediately I’m sorry to say.

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Wow ! I gave up 37 years ago from 70 a day.
I chose to smoke the [very] occasional cigar about 20 years ago, but have even given them up this year. Not that there was any “actual” giving up (4 per year isn’t really an addiction).
I cannot imagine ever needing to smoke again, even if I had one for shits & giggles.


Gave up mid 20s and haven’t felt like one ever since. Occasional cigar with a large cognac but last one was prob decade ago.

Having taken up the pastime as a teenager when it was still cool, I quit smoking around 15 years ago. Just stopped with no help. The smoking ban in pubs helped me cut down for sure, as pint and a fag went hand in hand.
I’m now an ex smoker that literally can’t stand the smell - never again, revolting habbit.


I haven’t smoked a cigar or anything else more exotic and jazz-based simply because I’m sure I would go back to smoking. My father was the same, he gave up, hated the habit, yet yearned for a cigggie with a pint. Thank God for the smoking ban as @gthang mentions. It certainly helps, particularly in restaurants.

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Interestingly, that’s something on which you and I differ. I resented the 100% ban due to the unnecessary pressure on Landlords. Giving pubs the choice would have allowed many more to survive.
I would NEVER have spent time in a smokey pub (much as I wouldn’t while smoking was widespread), but I would have respected the Landlord’s decision. That’s my choice.

The argument for protecting staff by banning smoking has precious little traction (remembering that I used to be in the trade), as air extraction units are not costly considering the consequences of ignoring the problem or potential legislation. There were plenty of pubs where staff could work safely without fear of exposure to passive smoking.

Did it create a “step change” towards smoking becoming less fashionable? I don’t know.
But by going gang busters on it, many small businesses suffered and continue to do so.

I smoked 20 a day plus the odd hamlet cigar up until I was 25. Started when I was 12.

One new year went to a party in a remote farmhouse. Asked Jan where my smokes were - on the shelf where you left them.

I got into a right bad mood and spoilt the night . Woke up next morning thinking what a twat I was. Never touched one since, 44 years now.


I was referring to the smoking ban as a Godsend for the struggling ex-smoker. I was in Straya when it came in which was much before the UK IIRC. I appreciate it made life difficult for small businesses. I never really thought about whether a Pub was smokey or not until after I stopped smoking.

As I’ll readily admit, there is none so pure as a reformed whore. The smoking ban made things a bit easier for me so I support it. I am an unreformed selfish bastard.


I still have fags when I’m drinking at the pub with smokers, but I never have them outside of that time. Somehow I can compartmentalise my cravings!

Mostly other peoples :wink:


Sorry for posting this in March but it popped up in my YouTube recommendations today. Host of the long running radio show/podcast The Majority Report, Sam Seder making his first and last appearance on CNN. Totally forgot about this :smiley:

Why They Don't Let Sam Seder On CNN Anymore (VIDEO) - YouTube


Just received an all singing new sky q box
Wanky thing has no rca out,just hdmi and optical
Just tried going through my dac but it’s having none of it. Any ideas?

Might meed digital out setting for two channel. Suspect defaults for surround sound.