The shit that does merit its own thread

Sorry guys. I finally remembered to WhatsApp the two SiLs and got a “Yes please!” within 20 seconds.

It doesn’t help that technophobe SiL #1 is currently over with the MiL, has been shown how to drive the Sonos box we gave to the MiL, and she likes it a lot.

Family gets priority, sorry.

Meanwhile SiL isn’t sure what to get, so I’ve had a look at the web site to check the current product line. Are you guys sure you want 5’s? The Bluetooth on the new Era 300 (and baby brother 100) would be a pretty compelling argument for me.

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Yep, knobber of merit these days.

No worries.

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Freshly sintered barrel scrapings, anyone?

He’s a full on cunt, doesn’t mean you need to behave like one with the sweaty sock, racism begins at home patter. Thought we were past that pish.

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That is no longer paying as of today…


Or maybe better in the CP thread…

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Been there too many times in a professional capacity. Keep typing different things, but sadly no matter how I phrase it I can’t really post it.

Either way the article paints a nicer picture than my personal view of the place.

Suspect same mistake Rishi made when selected MP for Richmond.

His twitter has just been hacked

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Seems it’s now sorted and taken down

Hacked, or he’s just been on yet another coke fuelled bender?

For those of us who missed it, what did he say this time ?


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:joy: Can understand how it was necessary to pull it quickly!

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Get health insurance as a taxable benefit at work. Have added the bit extra for private GP appointments.
Our local go practice is generally quite good. The cost is the tax on a fiver a month for that bit.

Added the wife to the policy, which is a bit on the spendy side tbh. Wrong side of £750/year as she is getting on a bit I suppose.

Quite like the nhs as a health thingy, but it does seem to have been bollocksed up the last 12 years or so.

FWIW sticking the wife on my (brief) employer’s insurance was one of the smartest things I’ve done.

Got her the treatment she needed when she needed it (the NHS kept kicking it into the long grass because of a lack of beds for aftercare).

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Just remember that they are generally only interested in easy treat money making conditions.
Anything with real complications they will send you off to the NHS as soon as they have rinsed the insurance company for as much as possible in referral fees.
Also just found that there is a excess of £150 on the firm’s policy (Axa Health).
So not a quick shortcut for minor ailments

Free quick online GP and AHP appointments are good though

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