The shit that does merit its own thread

I think it is probably well worth the money. Even the £60 extra per year for the GP bit.

Hopefully we don’t need any of it.

We have £100 per year total excess with AXA. We get a fair bit back in dentist and optician costs as well.

Very much this.

There’s two ways the Tories are going to ruin the NHS for everybody: firstly by chronically underfunding it and then getting their mates in the press to run ‘look it isn’t working, it needs reforming/ breaking…’ stories; and secondly by encouraging the flight to private insurance which will pick off all the easy stuff which used to subsidise the complicated stuff and then further point to the artificial debt left in the NHS and say ‘look we told you so, it’s crap and it’s financially bankrupt’.

But don’t worry Aaron Banks and his ilk are waiting for you just the other side of that door.


drip drip drip

Private healthcare is fuck all use if you actually get ill! I had them on speed dial, to argue about the cost of blood tests. They were fast and incompetent.

I really begrudged having to pay the benefit in kind when I was off ill, but there was no option not to have it at my grade. Just cost me £500-odd for nothing.

BBC News - Daniel Khalife pleads not guilty to Wandsworth prison escape

This is turning into a Monty Python sketch…

Did you escape from prison?
But we’ve got you on CCTV.
Wasn’t me.
But we caught you riding a bicycle outside the prison.
Wasn’t me.


Years ago I volunteered for the Witness Service,
Had a case in the youth courts with a lad up for criminal damage (graffitti iirc)
Two witnesses
He denied it was him.
Brand new CCTV installed two days earlier with crystal clear images
He denied it was him

His defence asked for a recess and came back with a plea change to guilty.
He really shouldn’t have turned up to court wearing exactly the same clothes he was wearing when he committed the offence


Once they plead guilty they lose their remand privileges. So, sometimes, it’s just a way of staying on remand and keeping those privileges. Or he’s two sandwiches short of a picnic. Or he might want his other charges to play out before he decides what to do on this one.

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When I was on jury duty a number of years ago the lad accused of robbery and assault tried to blame his twin, present in the courtroom wearing exactly the same clothes as the lad in the dock. The judge nearly had a conniption. The lad then went on to sack his lawyer and said he would represent himself. Judge said he was incapable, told him to get a new lawyer then ended the shambles of a trial. Amount of taxpayers money wasted on court cases is mind boggling.

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Not going to open a thread for the odious cunt - Rupert M, good riddance

Expect they’ll install an equally odious individual

Got my hopes up - I was hoping the evil cunt had died.


Blame the criminals!

Indeed, but I think things could be a bit slicker from the courts. Dozens of police sitting there all day to be called up for fifteen minutes, if they get called at all. My good lady, gets called up around 5-6 times a year as a witness due to her job but has only ever been in the witness box once. Loads of obviously guilty people pleading not guilty until the very last second must waste an extraordinary amount of resources. Not sure how you fix it, just thought I’d have a moan about it.

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Tangible disappointment at “Standing down” headline


Sometimes Faecesbook almost justifies its existence.




Just incase you have a flight booked for this week

Ironically I work for NATS and I’m (hopefully) flying out of Gatwick tomorrow to go meet a supplier in Vienna :joy:


I would have thought that would allow you to go up to the pilot at state don’t you know who I work for. And then get you a delay free flight end to end.

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