The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Only posh cunts pronounce it like bone :+1:




WTF is going on with this Government? The Russians dump nerve agent in Salisbury and we have a fucking meeting about it in London, just wtf!

I’d like to see at least half of the Russian embassy invited to fucking leave, if not all of them. Utter cunts.


Yeah, and before they go, they should be made to eat a cream tea with the jam and cream on the wrong way.

That’ll teach em.


So farewell then,
Large American Financial Services Firm.
We hardly knew you.

“Is it done yet?”
That was your catchphrase.


Yeah, and HCBs laced with anchovy :+1:



…and then he said “I’ll show you where you can spread that unsalted butter”.



That shop in Chalgrove won’t let me in anymore :persevere:


Shame it is over, (Not from your POV of course) but there was a strange compelling car crash entertainment factor in your project related posts over the last year :grinning:

I am sure you will be back to a ‘normal’ work environment before long!


Typical everyday scene from Lopwell corner shop


“Excuse Me, where is the cape and glue section?”


Cheers :smile:

To be honest it got so messed up that I haven’t bothered posting any more blow-by-blow accounts recently. At leaving drinks (which have become a steady procession) last night we reckoned that of the original dev team assembled a year ago 70% have now gone.

Still, I’m looking forward to some hardcore goofing off now. Then I have to contend with recruitment consultants again :open_mouth:


according to the ONS the list of 700 things used in the “shopping basket” for calculating inflation is changing:


Camcorders were in until now? I can’t believe that anyone has bought one for at least 6 years!


Equally daft is taking pork pies out…


The entire economic activity of 40-65 year old men now unrepresented.


I am sure I have seen photos of you doing the rounds in exercise leggings?

I think they should have left in pork pies and added capes as the item of clothing.


I’m going to set up a new gentleman’s quarterly called “Quiche and Action Cameras”. It has a nice ring to it.


They quoted massive loss of sales 3rd week in March, no-one quite understands …