The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)



Gonna have to tighten up the rules at Lopwell this year then.


We only need a couple of victims :+1:


Less than last year then


I still remember the chicken that spent the whole evening standing 10yds away in the dark and the sheeting rain rather than coming closer to the shelter and the warmth of the fire with us. Maybe it was smarter than it looked.



Poor thing, I felt very sorry for it. I mean, as if we would have harmed it



I think it spotted BobC with that axe and decided that torrential rain was the better option.



Given what he’d had to drink by then, he would have probably missed it. Still, there’s always this year



I have always thought that Monbiot is wrong as often as he is right, but I would love to live in the world as he wants it to be.

It’s somehow ironic that such a campaigner for fairness is struck by the cancer that seems most unfair - hard to test for, and you never know whether to treat it or not.


Dealing with wheel clamps Glasgow style







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No fucking way was that staying.




Off peak day return to Northampton, with a gold card, £18.80



Pity you won’t get to use the return part of the ticket


Tricker’s factory shop?


Don’t get it