The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


I’m sending you the chiropracter’s bill for injuries to my cringe muscles… Jesus. Who writes that shit…?


It’s one of the HFS lot.


So what. As much as I dislike their forum, that link is as funny as fuck :grinning:


I merely passed on the information Paul.


Glue Q.

I need to glue back together a broken ceramic cereal bowl which has sentimental value for my wife. The bowl has broken into two pieces and goes back together perfectly when held together. The bowl isn’t going to be used for anything afterwards.

Having not repaired anything ceramic before, what glue to use?

The two choices I can think of are superglue-types or epoxy resin (Araldite etc).

Ta. :smile:


That explains my resolutely unsplit sides.


I’m surprised @browellm hasn’t moved that steaming pile of toss to the shite joke thread yet.



2 part epoxy would be my choice.


Even that has standards.


The 10 biggest characters in ‘Forum Land’…

Dr. Evil – HFS owner and criminal mastermind
Marco Pirroni – AOS owner and ex Adam & The Ants guitarist
RevT – TAS owner aka ‘The Prattling Pastor’
TonyL – PFM owner and MOR record salesman
Lurcher300b – AT owner and Uncle Jesse in The Dukes Of Hazard
Pet Food Pete – WAM owner and cat breeder
The Pope – AF owner who lives inside a pair of Linn Saras
DQ (HFS) – even a stroke didn’t result in him liking AOS
Serge (WAM) – would cut off his own ears to avoid subjectivism
thebiglebowski (PFM) – “This is not Naim. This is bowling. There are rules”




I’ve got a plan to intentionally break a couple of cheap bowls to trial epoxy resin and cyanoacrylate (superglue). I know the epoxy will work but the superglue, if it works, will provide a more seamless joint.

Smash stuff to fix stuff. :thinking:


Tru dat, but they are so low as to be immeasurable.


The problem with in jokes is that they’re just fucking shit


Don’t use superglue if it’s going to get wet


Balls, someone’s beat me to it.


Fucking brilliant.

I’m expecting some serious flak from that place as they really really really hate me over there, oh well at least it’ll be funny though.


But you do keep poking the rats nest with ever increasing sizes of stick. :joy::joy::joy:


Ah you’ve been reading the thread on pfm.

They tend to ignore this place so I have to do my work on pfm but TonyL has a nasty habit of deleting my posts about dicky donut dunce.


Yes, I must admit it’s difficult to keep up, timing is critical before your posts demise. Bloody funny though. Your thoughts continue to be held in high esteem on hfs :grin: