The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


he is probably wearing this tee shirt right now


He can’t get enough- all 404 all the time


Yeah, because I wrote software for Facebook. :roll_eyes:


Works fine for me. You’re clicking it wrong.


Still not getting it… What is it anyway?


You working on the help desk now?


Try clicking really really hard. Put your back into it. Focus your entire bodyweight into your finger.


We call it the ‘capability assurance genius function’ now. Do pay attention.


Try this. Facebook really does it’s best to make sharing links as hard as possible. Twats.


Some days did feel a little like that ! There is one glaring omission though… I can’t see a stack of half-consumed coffee cups anywhere :grin:



Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps



Big fire at the Manderin Oriental
Huge fire breaks out near Hyde Park - BBC News


they had only just finished a major refurb last year. Friend of friend runs one of the bars and got us an invite for one of the re opening launch events. Mind you we weren’t overly impressed by Hestons Dinner which is one of the restaurants in there - despite it having two Michelin stars.

Hope everyone is accounted for and no one hurt. Have emailed the friend of friend, and he wasn’t on shift yet.


Yeah, I spent a night there with the wife in February, it was ok. Shame if it is destroyed though.


How many times do things burn down after a refit?