The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Poisonous cock-end. Good riddance to him.


Fuckwit. Utter cockwomble.


Gone mad, racist cunt, or has-been attention whore desperately trying to remain relevant?
Probably a little of all three.


Just a cunt. The ‘Muslim friends’ bit was just cringeworthy. The racism has been there since the first LP, but was seen as him being provocative back then. It wasn’t, it was racism dressed up in platform boots.


Miserable cunt then. Miserable racist cunt now. Always hated the whiny prick and his depressing miserable music.


This lot sum it up


Lifestyle choice of the Abattoirist.


In the book, Miska explains how Finns started drinking in their underwear as a way of coping with the country’s long, dark winters (see above) – when no one could be bothered to wear multiple layers to trek out and meet their friends.


Been happening in Funzie for years. It is now my favourite Winter pastime!


I do that most nights if I cant be arsed going upstairs to find some shorts.

So they have stopped doing the naked peat thing?


IT people: I had a good experience with Zyxel this week.

The power supply brick failed for a PoE switch I use to power a Ubiquiti wifi access point and a security camera. I bought it used on ebay so had no idea if it was still in warranty. On contacting Zyxel, they advised to raise an RMA request, which resulted in them agreeing the PSU sounded faulty and they’d send me a replacement, no need to return the faulty part.

Two days ago, a fully boxed, brand new switch and power supply was sent. Really impressed.


Sat next to Mark Powell in a restaurant tonight.

If I were a mod, my life would be complete.


This is what happens when you play the charlatans to much


Proving, yet again, that the world in general, and Virgin in particular are just cunts…


It’s only 1pm and I’ve already got the winner for “worst LinkedIn photo of the day”.

It could have a caption of “and here are my tits”, but really it’s probably unnecessary - I’ve got the idea thanks.

I suppose it makes a change from the blokes / boys pictures of “here is me at my school prom in my Dad’s bow tie. Last week.”



Would he be one of those Incel people ?



You can drive a tank, solo, on a learner license.

I very nearly bought a Scorpion a few years back for £10k.

Unfortunately, just before I applied for the loan, Claire informed me that I’d knocked her up and that any future expenditure precluded anything that was fun.



Can we club together and buy an AA one?


The one with the activated gun might be useful when the traffic is heavy. You’ll be automatically parking like a cunt at Aldi though. I wonder if the ICE (ITE??) is any good??