The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


I propose Super-duper Wammer instead


Make it 30 and you can have anything you want :wink:


Changed my mind :smiley:


At this point literally anything else would be preferable

I’d be willing to stop posting pics of my cats for one month




I did warn you!


I am smack in the middle, well very slightly in the lower red area., nearest Macron furthest Trump.


Probably the only thing that really matters


Most similar - Obama
Least similar - Trump


Not really sure about this to be honest. I’m probably closer to Merkel in reality.


Suspect very few on here will be interested but the Linn Home was featured in tonight episode of the Apprentice. I assume the bloke was Ivor’s son.


Saw her supporting the Stooges at the Electric Ballroom. Sadly her folk-reggae fusion died a slow death.


She was never the same after the business with Sir Alec Douglas.



My result was pretty much identical to Olan’s


That pretty much confirms my suspicion that the whole thing is a complete load of bollocks.



I think that the questions are biased. Questions like “should politicians listen to the people?” are badly phrased. Of course they should listen, but they need to be ready to ignore them if they are odious shitbags.

Politicians need to tread a fine line. People can easily turn into a rabble; then they need to be defused and ignored. However, sometimes the people are right and the politicians/policies are wrong. Politicians ideally need to be highly reflective, always on the lookout for the times they may be getting it wrong.

I long for the time to come where politicians (and the media) realise that strength comes in knowing when you have got it wrong, owning it and fixing it. We seem to be a long way away from that.


Bloody populist lefties on here, splitters!


Not too many Tories on here are there? Or Tories that will admit to their guilty pleasure anyway.


I know, but left wing populism is on trend I suppose, as opposed to right wing populism.

I cant fucking stand either of them :slight_smile:


5 minute walk from my childhood home. I walked passed each day to catch the bus to school.