The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Follow on from smart meter rant, I’ve long held the belief that fluorescent/energy saving lightbulbs use as much energy on startup as a few hrs left on, is this correct or am I just another lazy twat who can’t be arsed switching a light off?

Any boffins with figures?



Haha, that scene is :ok_hand:


Study shows 60% of Britons believe in conspiracy theories





The SBD (silent but deadly) is a marvelous thing.


Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of 'em are stupider than that.

  • George Carlin


They’re @coco 's speciality. :mask: …I otoh, pride myself on giving fair warning of the impending miasma.


Fair?! Fair would be enough time for folk to get north of the M25…


our head at school came out with that rubbish (1974 on old style tube fluorescents) on morning assembly
1st lesson A level physics with my best teacher ever, looks me in the eye “so what did you think of that then lad”
me “utter nonsense sir”
him “right let’s get to work”
and so we disassemble the lab lighting system, live working of course - no fucking clipboard merchants in those days . . .
Outcome was a retraction from the head next morning when he was advised by the A level physics group had disproved his theory and that the cut over point was 20 seconds ± 15%, thing was he was a science teacher and a right James Hunt he was, about as good at science as he was a head.





I just installed an app called DeAMPify on my phone. It removes the amp project redirects, which Google say save data but actually it allows Google to own the internet.

It also opens everything in the browser rather than in mini browsers, which is another big improvement for me, so it’s a usage win combined with a quick v-sign to Google. Nice.


Seems to suggest that it no longer works well on the latest version of Android.


Seems ok on my pixel


Less than a week.


That is good news. Perhaps not having BoJo as Foreign Secretary is a good thing. It would be good to see Nazanin Zaghari - Ratcliffe released from Iran where she has been in chokey since 2016 for allegedly “plotting to topple the Iranian regime.” It seems Jizza Hunt is on the case with that too.


Still wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he is MI6.