The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


It might surprise me to learn it. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was true.



Just discovered Piers Corbyn’s (the brother) Twitter.

Hehehhehee, they’ll be wanting to keep him under wraps.


Appears to be a climate change denying brexiter. A full sandwich short of a picnic.

Difficult for most of the redtops to attack him given those beliefs :grinning:


South coasters may be reassured to know that he has published " in the Geographical Journal (of the Royal Geographical Society) for a study on the size of pebbles along Chesil Beach."


Total fruit loop


No shit Sherlock


Live stream, landing in about an hour.
No rush though, it’ll take about another 5 1/2 hours for dust to settle and pictures available.

Edge of the seat and wet cheeks stuff. Years of preparation leading to a crux in seconds.


For what the fuck sake.

Complete morons


We bred our own Thomas Mair.


There has been a spate of actual lynchings in the last few months across the South - the US is in the toilet and I don’t think it’ll get out any time soon.


That I didn’t know

Then they’re complete cunts.

It isn’t in the toilet, it is a toilet.


Utterly sickening and made worse in a few of the cases by police indifference / incompetence.


With a racist enabler in the WH it’s hardly surprising, sickening as you say but not surprising.

I flip between ‘something needs to be done’ and ‘leave them to it’


Absolutely this.



Whhhaaaaaaatttt!!! Why has this not been on the news? WTF is going on?


Fake news people, fake news. Some very fine people in the Lynch Mob, very fine people indeed. Oh, and on the other side too. Nothing but fake news though. Bigly.





No mystery here