The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


This and most of them have been classed as apparent suicides.


Bit of a waste of money, its taking some pics, checking the temperature and a few other bits and bobs.

Cracking piece of engineering mind.


It’s the mince pies, obvs. :wink:


It’s a mole :grinning:


I’m sure that treatment has it’s drawbacks




We now need a cassette thread


At least you won’t be limited to 50 titles :grin:


Most excellent, I can dig out the hundreds of industry killing gig recordings I have. Particularly fond of the Dead Kennedys gig where the recordist decided to go to the bogs, vom like a trooper and then to return to the gig, recording his exploits for posterity.




An important message in a great painting.


I’m sure life was less complicated 30 years ago.


The “seven minutes of terror” was gripping. :+1:t3:


It was actually a NASA engineer that first posted his cartoon up on twitter :grinning:



Just leaving this here for Mr MWS and/or @Ruprecht in the hope that it brightens up his midweek nap. Sadly, there was no R2R action so the absence of faff is regrettable.


Plenty of fappff tho.


The Government needs to get a fucking grip of the stupidity of the law as it applied to children fathered by rapists. They need to do it quickly, the fuck nugget hard of thinking brigade will be all over this like a rash.

I really couldn’t believe that the law allows the potential for this to happen, fucks sake.



Energy suppliers.
If anyone is thinking of switching to Octopus give me a shout as they are running a referral scheme which could net you (and me) £50.00


So that’s where Qvortrup and Kondo got it from