The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Her son is 17 and in care. I can understand why the rapist father should not be involved but why isn’t the boy with his mother.

There’s more to this than meets the eye…:thinking:


There always is :+1:


I’m sure there is a story behind this and children end up in care for a wide variety of reasons. What I hadn’t realised is that there is nothing in law preventing a rapist for applying for visitation against the wishes of the mother and/or child concerned.


I must say that I have a great deal of admiration for Sammy Woodhouse. She strikes me as a brave, articulate young woman.


Probably because she was abused and groomed from the age of 14 and I’d be very surprised if she wasn’t one fucked up person because of it.

It’s another bollocks story blown out of proportion, there is a stupid loophole that needs to be closed off and that’s about it.


It’s not loophole, it’s the law as written. Following on from the dozen plus northern grrooming gang scandals that hit the UK over the last few years I am a tad gobsmacked that no one in Government thought this law needed to change.

Already it has been picked up by the nasty brigade who are now using it to reinfoorce their message of hate. It’s a fucking own goal that could easily have been avoided. Parliament should not leave it to a judge to decide, it’s just plain fucking wrong.

other than a few idiots, I can’t see anyone objecting to a rapist losing all parental rights as a result of their crime.


It’s probably never been raised or highlighted before, it is now and hopefully it will be changed.


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There was a Family Court lawyer on the radio today (J. Vine esq.) who said there is an established procedure to deal with anomalies such as this. They should just put a case together and put it in front of a FC judge. It is heard with minimum costs and, hopefully, maximum common sense. It sounded like a very simple procedure.


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