The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Boa constrictor on the loose in Lincolnshire


The place it escaped from is about 100m, as the snake slithers, from the house I was brought up in.



Calling @cragger have you let your trouser snake out?




50 years FFS!!


Now this is a load of shit.


why oh why? we are sat at the bar in our local and I spy over Louise’s shoulder, a middle aged man tweaking, no caressing his own nipples - with a weird trance like face on…too fucking weird…Louise tells me I looks disturbed…


It was a mirror on the wall behind her.


This morning I bought a new TV…

I chose it because it has a feature I just lurve…

It’s got a Prog button :heart_eyes:


Does it take you back to pot Black with Eddie charlton if you press it?


What you need is a 8k TV to watch 2001 A Space Odyssey on.


Saw one in Yobadashi Camera. I wasn’t blown away tbh. It was very big mind. 75 inch minimum.


A bit big for hand luggage then.


No. The post stating that I just bought one reasons.


I bought a 4k TV at the start of the year. I excitedly tried out some 4k content but on a 49" TV even close up (usually1-2m away) the step from 720p to 4k is a bit meh. Whereas the step from 480p to 720p is huge.

Sure it’s a bit sharper, but it really doesn’t bother me. Seems I’m just not as bothered about TV fidelity compared to music fidelity.


I agree with anything above 1080p except close up it is hard to tell the difference.


Marley loves the snooker in HD


But can your wife tell the difference even from the kitchen?


Only had 30p left on Ladbrokes acc so put it on utd to win after going 2-0 down

Had a free £1 bet for the fight.Meant to put it on Fury to win,but stuck it on the draw by mistake,which was nice.


What odds did you accidentally get?