The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)




You’ll be alright for Mexican rice this week then :+1:


Indeed,i’ve vowed i won’t let the winnings change me.
I’ll still buy my rice in the co-op


That’s rather the point, it shouldn’t need to go in front of a judge. It should be turned on it’s head such that if rapist is seeking involvement, then the rapist’s case should go in front of a judge. This could have some use when it comes to both parents being underage (statutory rape).

if this were affecting men, I suspect the law would have been changed decades ago.


I realise that being cooped up in a sub must be stressful but I’m still surprised at mixed-gender punch-ups

Does it happen a lot @BobC and are the navy likely to laugh it off as ‘all part of the rough-and-tumble of onboard life’ ?



This is probably nearer the truth.


Fictional map of Britain


I live near Mugsborough


It seems that Funzie is in Giant Country. Only indicated by an arrow.

We must fight for full Funzie mapping status.


Deep in Midsomer here.


Murder capital of Britain (apart from nearby Morse’s Oxford)


I don’t imagine Huntercombe feels very fictional if you happen to be banged up there

I drive past every so often. I’d think twice about picking up a hitch-hiker.



I’m near Chigley in Trumptonshire :ok_hand:


I wonder if the place name featured in literature before the prison opened.

There are a few things in the area named Huntercombe but it seems no actual village


Some of the filming has been done in our village. The reoccurring Vets is set in my neighbour’s gaff.


I live about a mile from Tarrant.


Read with this in mind.






Oops :grin: