The slow build of an LCR Phono Stage

I have been minded for a while to undertake my first build, a phono stage. After a bit of research one of the ANKits seemed sensable; all parts and case supplied, clear instructions with lots of photos, great customer support, an active on line community and lots of advice and film of build on YouTube. This was the way for me.

Then Pete had a word… suffice to say i have four circuit diagrams, a couple of PCBs and a Bill of Materials complete with the opportunity to make something that otherwise would be unafordium with a performance i could only dream of…oh, i get Pete’s support which is both necessary and priceless. That tipped it for me and so it begins.

It made sense to split the build into two seperate elements using the simpler PSU to “learn” on. To that end all components ordered and incoming.

Pretty much zero foo in the PSU, leaving me headroom to introduce some foo in the LCR element.

RS were quick off the mark, the pile of components has begun

Lots to read up on, lots to learn. At this stage all technical questions are c/o @coco :slight_smile:


Have you ordered the inductors? I could do with a set and it might make sense to ship them to my parents in FL for me to bring back.

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Not yet Ed, as long as you are in no rush, i won’t be ordering those spendy items for 3 months yet.

I’ve had the pcb over a year already I think.

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Lol, I’ll keep in touch :slight_smile:

I go out in August and my parents will be back in December. So a couple of opportunities to save on shipping/tax.

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To save a long read here is an ‘after’ photo


And… its Wednesday!


Can you post a YouTube video of the sound please.


50 Hz hum? :grin:

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Farnell got these out next day, the other part from them, although shown as In Stock, is having to be shipped from the States.

Just some Vishay caps.

frustrated screaming


What a fantastic table.

fixt :+1:


I remember buying some inductors from Sowter ten years ago. Then the meh came. Maybe one day.
Other stuff to do first.

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YT horn videos to watch ?

It’s like some form of fungus which is slowly infecting the whole place


You two appear to be approaching Rabski territory for build completion time.

Muted the thread. It made me angry. Trying to walk away from internet dumb as I get older and try to mellow.

Got Coleman regs to do on me 300B’s first. Only had those for 7 years. You have to age them first. Sounds better.


He’s in a different geologic time scale to us mere mortals.