The Star Wars spoiler thread


Can we have a thread for discussion about the film, by those that have actually seen it? There shall be spoilers…


My first question is about Snoke - who the fuck is he and where did he come from?


He’s the baddie :+1:


That’s about the depth of it, isn’t it? There’s no link to anything previous, then?


After a bit of hunting around, I think he might be in some of the novels, but I’ve not read any of them so can’t really add anything of value.

There is a biggish gap between episodes VI and VII so I think it’s fair to assume he was just whoever filled Palpatines boots after Darth Vader killed him.



Are we thinking Rey is going to hook up with Ben Solo in the next one?


They’re kind of telegraphing that aren’t they?


It’ll be like Attack of the Clones with romance interspersed with him being a massive twat.




Being of the right age to have seen (and loved) the first three Star Wars films, I was bitterly disappointed by the following three (wooden, humourless etc etc) and gave up after that.

Have things improved?


I enjoyed this one, but the gratuitously cute puffin/hamsters irritated me slightly. Captain Phasma was criminally underused too, I suspect she’ll survive and come back for IX somehow disfigured and properly pissed off at Finn.

@horace the current films are way better than the prequels.


They made I larf, which is something I don’t do often enough.

As such, they are to be commended.


Enjoyable. I hoped for another ESB and they tried very hard to give me the same film for the first hour and a half with all the same themes - grumpy Jedi hides away on planet, young apprentice goes there for training, rebels trying to escape base from attack at the start etc etc.

Thought they disposed of Snoke without really developing him as a truly nefarious bad guy but the ensuing fight scene was pretty good.

Overall they seem to be playing pretty safe by sticking to more or less the same story as the original trilogy, probably lamenting how disastrous the follow on prequel arc was when they tried to make it look and feel different.

Also Poe is a useless Han Solo replacement as his recklessness seems to cost lives yet he learns nothing.

But like what they’ve done with Kylo Ren and have made him genuinely interesting.

Bring on the next one!


You mean he didn’t have enough shit dialogue? :rofl:

I agree re Poe Dameron - but many films nowadays seem to struggle to portray any kind of conflict. They just have one person making stupid decisions and then people getting angry. The whole chasing plot was very silly.


Trouble with Tribles 2, the sequel :+1:


This film ate nap o’colck today, I grumpy


Just came out of the cinema. I thought it was pretty poor tbh. Predator was better.


Saw it last night with Pete and Ed.
An absolute car crash. Even Phantom Menace had some positives.


Yeah, not very good, really. Shame.


Better or worse than Rogue One?