The Star Wars spoiler thread


Rogue One is like The Godfather II in comparison.


I think Rogue One is the best of the recent three.


It is, by some margin.


Indeed. Rogue One is superb.


I thought it was great! There were a few times where suspension of disbelief was a challenge, hardly unusual for the franchise, and previous comments on dialogue obviously, but it was good fun, developed characters well, introduced good new ones, and developed the overall plot well.

Anyone expecting a masterpiece should review the original films and manage their expectations!


Adam - really?
It didn’t expand upon anything regarding the origins of Snoke or Rey whatsover.
In fact Snoke was a hugely wasted opportunity for a proper villain to this reboot. Renn is pathetic.
Finn is an absolute joke and General Hux has gone from a vicious powermonger to a comedy sidekick.
How can anyone possibly take Hux and Renn seriously as leaders of the First Order?
They can’t agree on anything, one has allegience issues and the other is the slapstick comedy relief FFS.

As an avid fan of SW I am furious that Disney have given this pile of shit the green light.
Your average episode of Peppa Pig has a more considered screenplay.

JJ Abrams must wonder what the hell he can do to rescue Episode IX now that Johnson has written and directed this shit storm.


I think there is a lot that can be done with Rey now. She has no origins - you don’t have to be born into the right family. That’s a great advancement in the absurd aristocracy up to now. I really approve of that change.

Kylo Ren can go either way. I think he’ll be shagging Rey but then go dark and she’ll have to kill him in the next one. There’s fun to be had there.

I agree re Snoke, posted such earlier. Huge wasted opportunity.

I liked the thing with Finn and the new character whose name escapes me. Her line about saving the things you love rather than destroying what you hate was great.

At some stage these characters need to be bringing a new balance to the force - this was what the Skywalker family failed to do, and should be the end point of this series. I think they might do something cool with it.


Wish I shared your optimism mate.
I fear that Disney will ruin it, if they haven’t already?


That there sums it up.

Kylo Ren - pound shop Vader
Finn - main skill: looking perplexed
Snoke - eh? who? / crap Palpatine
Poe Dameron - pound shop Han Solo
Rose - token geek hero
Hux - ginger stunt punchbag

And so on.


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