The Star Wars spoiler thread


Assume you mean curry vs movie…


It’s one of MK’s better establishments.


Mine meal last night was as good as the Mogul in Bagshot, which is my other fave place.


Bagshot - fraternising with the footballers and WAGs?


I only go there for the curry!


I must say, for such a bloody hot curry it had a lovely flavour.
No way I could have got through even half of it before combusting.


Gingerbread :heart_eyes:


Just been to see it.
I thought it was OK, not as good as the last two new ones.
Typical middle film setting up possible storylines for next one.
Fight scenes could have been better, I’d like a bit more light sabre action.
Could have been half and hour shorter it lost a bit in the middle.


It was a bit messy. Will go and watch it again. It’s a bit disappointing but not anywhere near as bad as the 3 prequels.



People need to remember just how bad these were


[fanboi] Well, the prequels were shit and The Force Awakens was shit, but I’ve got high hopes for this one.

Hmmm . . . that was shit too. I’ll only see it ten times. [/fanboi]


Even Luke Skywalker hates it…



Burning the script actors and props would have been more creative.


Underwhelming overall - The light sabre fights appeared to be acted by people who had zero sword skills.

Perplexing -How did Rose turn from shy maintenance geek to a pilot in 1/2 hour?


Yeah I didn’t really get that either. Despite being a fairly long film, they didn’t really bother establishing the new characters much. Par for the course for SW though.

Agree on the sabre fights, but they weren’t much cop in the originals either.


The light sabre fight was the only good thing in ep 1.


Watched it on saturday and thought it was utter, utter shite.

How could they make a film this badly, the script where they actually had some was fucking awful and the story seemed non existent.

This was by far the worst of the SW films so far and that is saying something when jaja binks is taken into account.


Right. So, Princess Leia is blown out into space, is out there an age, twitches a bit, then floats down to the rebel ship and lets herself in through an air lock that happens to be open and that isn’t closed by the folks on the ship when she is let in…
Cor, the shit people do whilst in a coma!

I thought she didn’t ‘have’ the force. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The ‘farce’, maybe. That part was fucking ridiculous (even in the context of the rest of the mindbendingly ridiculous disjointed nature of the rest of it).