The Star Wars spoiler thread


Leia was mentioned by Yoda as “another” possible, when Luke was AWOL at one point. But yeah, the whole superman flying thing through space was absurd, it’s another point where the film just got too unbelievable. I have no idea why they did it, it was totally unnecessary.


They’ve intimated she does have the force through being linked with Luke and sensing when he is in danger etc. In the books the idea is that as Luke’s sister has natural ability but is untrained.

However quite where the fuck she developed the ability to survive in the vacuum of space and move herself via some kind of telekinetic power is beyond me.

But let’s face it, they’ve always been a bit silly, although this director has really taken the piss.


Been too see it today with Sam and a couple of mates and their kids.

Hmmm…forgettable…oh and just a bit silly in places.


Of course she has the force she is Luke’s sister and was hidden from her farther so he couldn’t use her power and turn her to the dark side.
All Skywalker’s are strong with the force that’s why Kylo Ren has the force he is Leia’s son.

Too late it seems Wayne has already explained this.


Er…hello, it’s science fiction fantasy - a suspension of belief is required right from the opening credits :roll_eyes:


Or even disbelief. :roll_eyes:

Which is only possible up to a point. When it becomes so absolutely fucking stupid that you can’t do that in a Star Wars movie, you have to accept that it’s absolutely fucking terrible.


Suspension of disbelief in fantasy = suspension of belief in reality. Just depends on which end you’re looking at :thinking:


Suspension of disbelief requires handing over rational thought. In this case the balloon of disbelief is punctured by a lack of coherent narrative and poor acting… the illusion bursts


Suspension of the English vocabulary more like. :smile:


Despite being preposterous I still enjoyed this, although I’m left scratching my head as to why.

I especially liked the salt flats being red under the top inch for Reasons.


And the land cruiser things only worked if they poked through that inch


There was a lot of red generally.


You’ll slowly change your mind when you’ve had time to think about it some more.


Snoke was the best thing about it and they killed him…



I just watched it again. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think it’s very true to the spirit of Star Wars, as exemplified by the first two movies (4&5). Sure you can pick holes, but that’s the case with any such film. I don’t really understand what you guys that didn’t like it were expecting.


Seen it twice (took the kids), still think it’s a steaming pile of shite.


Even Luke hates it and he’s a hasbeen


A Disney movie that transported tham back to being 10 year old boys, instead of the miserable grumpy middle aged c…s they really are.



There is room for an ‘18’ rated version :grinning: