The thing that was for sale is now sold



Best FS thread ever.

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Marketing tactic

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Damn, I really wanted one of those too :cry:

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Finger poised on the trigger…

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Can you del

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I didn’t realise editing it would bring it back to the top of the list.

Piss taking bastards the lot of you.:rage:




no amitri

Don’t worry, I have something totally different and nowhere near as good that I am willing to sell you. Breaks my heart to sell it but just to help you out …


Oh wow, that is a kind gesture indeed :thumbsup:

Title update :thumbsup:

Is it still for sale? Cash waiting.

I bought the thing from Cobbler, but I have now moved on to other things, so I can sell you that thing if you like, I only want what I paid for it.

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Get in line!

What are we queuing for?

Nah its depreciated as badly as your interest. Can you send it to me at your cost so I can listen to it in my own system for an unspecified amount of time before asking you to collect it as I’m no longer interested, cheers.


Damn! Missed it.

Hi ! Is this item still for sale ?

This is the most activity on a sale thread ever - I have clearly stumbled onto a magic advertising formula.
I am off to the Wam to see if Pete is interested in buying the rights from me.:smiley: