The top 3 worst looking cars you can buy in Britain, today


Love 'em, however the budget might just limit me to a Jap truck me thinks.






My f250. Trucks are great yeehaw etc.


Pissan Puke (“sort of a cross between piss yellow and puke green”).



Nice little My First Trucky-wucky :princess:


‘‘Twas ace, the f-650 and the like we’re mind boggling money, seemingly used mostly to tow a few million quids worth of horse flesh.


I was going to post that I thought that they would make a great base for a 5th wheeler combo. And there you have it.
I’d prefer it with this on the back, but…


Mrs DB would love one of those



Yeh, that’s the killer, they are silly money for something mass-produced.


F-650 starts at $93K, FFS.


Has a Tefal look about it. Was steamship involved in the design process :grinning:


Not sure if it’s still the same, but you could write off 3 years of depreciation on commercial vehicles against your company tax bill. Plus all the incentives etc they offer, tends to inflate the prices.

When you could do it with Hummers they sold well, when they closed the loop hole they stopped making Hummers.


Never seen an actual F650 as a pickup, most are sold as a cab and chassis for conversion to commercial vehicles . . .



I saw plenty, because Florida.


What I really wanted was an Excursion, lifted, probably with the V10.


Florida, say no more say, no more :grinning:

A stock Excursion is massive, I can’t imagine how tall that behemoth is!


Parents live there, I lived there for 6 years.


Having been to Florida, you poor, poor bastard.

There are areas in the USA I’d quite enjoy living in. Florida is not one of them.


Loved it, would go back tomorrow.