The top 3 worst looking cars you can buy in Britain, today


Ive not read about the story. But presumably while these uber cars are under test there is a human in the driving seat ready to take evasive action?
If so then both a computer and human failed to prevent the fatel accident. Which kinda means it was unavoidable.


I noticed you had your ‘heavy’ on hand at Kegworth all day :slight_smile:


Yer problem with yer Bond villain is that they let everybody know they are a villain. Then instead of just killing the fucker invent some over elaborate way of doing it.
Be sneaky and just quietly poison them with a secret nerve agent is the way to go.


Human shield.




I was tempted to pinch your Bush but you had your minder with you…


Don’t mess with Amy mate, vicious, just vicious…


Is she Sid’s sister?


I drive an SUV mainly because I’m a fat unfit cunt who’s knees are made of toffee so levering myself in and out of today’s low ride height cars is a chore.
I also like the way it soaks up today’s post apocalyptically pot holed roads with aplomb.
It’s a hybrid too so i get to feel smug about not fucking the environment quite as badly as those nasty diesels
I can carry 5 in comfort and stick a ton of stuff in the back too, more than I could in that shitbox accord estate I had.
Basically it’s gets me from A to B in quiet comfort, is easier to enter than penance, is big enough to carry my shit and doesn’t cost a fortune to run.
I could care less about handling as any sort of fun on today’s roads leads to fines and bans, although it’ll get going in a straight line thanks to mountains of electric torque. It does look like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down but i’m inside so I couldn’t give a shit about that.

Would I buy another? If i ever lose weight and fitten up then maybe not but if i stay a fat cunt then definitely.


COULDN’T :rage:



Well I could care less about handling because I do like a bit of road feel etc. So technically, fuck you you pedant. :fu:


Oh dear, wrong week?


I don’t think he’s ever had a Right Week - all the way back to when they threw the wrong end away at his circumcision…


My word, that’s quite strong



Better a scrap of foreskin than a total bell end though Maureen :grin:


Saw this hideous SUV outside my gym. It looks worse in the flesh.


I saw one of those in the Home Farm (Ardington) business estate car park on Tuesday. It looked better in a darker colour and without the ads plastered all over it. But to be honest … why ? If you want a Maserati then buy a proper one.

Or get a Lambo



I heartily desire a Lamborghini tractor - I would quickly be elected King of Lincolnshire with one of those :prince:


Imagine the parade. :tractor::tractor::tractor::ambulance::ambulance::ambulance: